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Jack-up Barge Jacking System Health Check

Scope of Work:
A contractor is required to provide experienced technicians to attend Saudi Aramco jack-up barges offshore to conduct a robust and detailed health check of the barges electro-hydraulic jacking system along with associated controls and safety systems.

The health check will comprise:

1. A detailed physical examination of the system components:
a. Electrical
b. Hydraulic
c. Mechanical
d. Control and Safety System

2. The supervised operation of the jacking system under normal operational conditions in the field.The performance is to be recorded and compared with original performance data. Any discrepancies or deviations are to be explored and possible explanations provided.

Upon completion of the health check a detailed report is to be provided for each barge which is to include all observed operational performance criteria and compared with original jacking trial data.

Additionally, where the contractor believe opportunities for upgrade or improvements exist these are to be presented in a clear and well-argued manner for consideration by Saudi Aramco.

The barges requiring a jacking system health check include:

Arabiyah -1
Arabiyah- 3
Arabiyah- 5
Arabiyah- 6
Arabiyah- 7

All health checks are to be carried out in the Arabian Gulf from Saudi Arabia so visas will need to be secured and since the technicians will be attending our barges offshore a HUET (Helicopter Underwater Escape Training) certificate will be required for each technician.All seven inspections are to be completed and reports submitted by 31 December 14.

Contractor to provide:

  1.  A reference list detailing similar work previously completed
  2.  A suitable number of technicians to complete the work in the required time frame
  3.  All visa, immigration and air travel arrangements; including customs clearance for any
    specialized equipment.
  4.  HUET Certification for all technicians visiting the jack-up barges.
  5.  Local accommodation and local transportation to and from the Saudi Aramco Ras Tanura, and Tanajib facilities.
    6. All appropriate PPE for working on board a jack-up barge in operation.

Saudi Aramco will provide:
1. Security passes to allow the technicians to board our facilities offshore
2. Transportation offshore to and from the jack-up barges from the Saudi Aramco Ras
Tanura, and Tanajib facilities
3. Accommodation and food whilst on board
4. Technical specifications for each barge