CMID Inspections

CMID Inspections

The Common Marine Inspection Document (CMID) Inspections provides a platform for all marine professionals to use a standard format for inspection of offshore vessels.

CMID Accredited Inspectors are free to use marine inspection format provided by the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) for the inspection and audit of offshore marine vessels in the in the offshore industry.

Use of CMID inspection helps promote safety and efficiency whilst carrying out surveys and can help reduce the number of repeat inspections on individual marine vessels.

CMID Inspections – The purpose of inspection

The purpose of this inspection is to establish whether it is safe to  work on-board a particular vessel, will not place anybody working on or around the vessel in danger and will not cause any harm to the environment.

It also ensures that all mandatory certification for the vessel and its operations are up to date.

The inspection contains 17 sections including but not limited to –

  • Vessel Particulars.
  • Index of Certificates.
  • HSE (Health, Safety & Environment)
  • Crew Management.
  • Pollution Prevention.

A comprehensive folder of documentation gives an overview of how the vessel is managed including –

  • FMEA’s.
  • DP Annual Trials.
  • Vessel Risk Assessments.
  • Operations Manuals.

This also addresses both shore side and shipboard management and operation.

It may also include –

  • Incident reporting, investigation and analysis.
  • Emergency preparedness and contingency planning.
  • Safety Management.
  • Environmental Management.

Constellation Marine Services surveys vessels employed in the offshore industry using IMCA’s Common Marine Inspection Document (CMID).

Our personnel are accredited inspectors for the updated e-CMID format.

We also are approved assessors for the CMID Accreditation program assessing whether applicants are authorized to carry out CMID Inspections as approved CMID Inspectors.

CMID Inspections – IMCA & the invigilation authority

On behalf of IMCA & the invigilation authority. Constellation Marine Surveyors undertaken a number of CMID inspection for oil field operators, owners of Maritime assets and also long term charters of marine crafts who operate vessels in and around oil and gas fields.

Submitted by – Sameer Damle

Review by – Capt.Delzin Irani

Date – 30th August 2015

Final Approval by – Capt.ZSI