A career spanning 21 years at sea, specialized on hard core parcel chemical tanker and on product tanker. Specialized on carrying out pre-vetting Sire, CDI and as a cargo super on handling various grades of chemicals. Have several experiences of STS operations.

Capt Manish’s areas of expertise in,

  • Pre Vetting / SIRE and CDI Inspection Preparations for Tanker Vessels including Post vetting Correspondence with Oil Majors for Corrective & Preventive Action.
  • Mooring Advisor / Cargo Operations Supervisor for Ship to Ship Transfer Operations involving Oil Tankers.
  • Investigation of Contamination Claims of Various Refined Oil Products, Vegetable Oils and
    Chemicals in Bulk (Quantity & Quality) for Underwriters/Charterers and ship owners.
  • SIRE/ CDI Preparation.
  • Internal Audit.
  • COT preparation for special and sensitive cargo
    as a cargo super.
  • Condition survey
  • Pre Purchase Suitability.
  • Expertise in Root Cause Analysis & Investigations into Marine Accidents including grounding, Collisions and/or contact damages to fixed & Floating Objects.
  • Expertise in Root Cause Analysis & Investigation into cargo shifting.
  • Expertise in Root Cause Analysis & Investigation into injury/death onboard vessels, casualty  inspections and personal injury investigations
  • Oil Tanker Surveys- Ullaging & Sampling & Gauging Surveys.
  • Dry-dock preparation, supervision and contracts with various Yards.
  • Cargo Superintendence for Steel Renewal and Protective Coating Applications for Steel.
  • Inquiry into overloading of vessel and/or assisting Master in stability calculation.
  • Internal ISM & ISPS audits, Preparations of Ship Security Plans and ISM Documentation. Contact Details:

Tel.: +971 4 4232884 & +971 529815089Fax : +971 4 4232894


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