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hull and machinery damage inspection surveyors

You are here: Home / hull and machinery damage inspection surveyors-Eng’r David Pereira hull and machinery damage inspection surveyors-Eng’r David Pereira Hull and machinery damage inspection surveyors . Senior Marine Engineering Consultant, David Pereira Areas of Expertise is as follows : Ship Management advice including contracts, operational costs, Surveys etc. Charter Party contract negotiations and commercial disputes […]

Yacht Repair Inspection dubai

Breakdown Inspection  of Material during Yacht repair Inspection. There are different types of materials used in structures and how structures are put together to resist the forces. All of the above has been based on the supposition that the materials remain and function in accordance with their normal properties. However, in practice all materials are […]

Revolution Of Modern Technology In Marine Surveying

At constellation marine services, our interest in advanced inspection technologies is on the rise. Increasing complexity of marine and offshore assets and associated operational activities a need for prompting advanced technology within surveying the order of the day. We are trying to lead the way forward in applying these technologies to augment surveys and inspections. The […]

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